Owners, Architects and Consultants are increasingly seeking a secondary means of controlling incidental moisture that may penetrate the building’s exterior cladding and collecting condensation that may form on the interior face. Dual lines of sealant at joints, as specified in the past, may trap moisture and will not disperse it back to the exterior or address the condensation concern. In addition, dual lines of sealant are not practical on GFRC or Stone On Truss Systems due to their thin sections.
2DS has a unique, proprietary, pre-engineered, patented secondary drainage system designed to collect and drain incidental moisture penetration and condensation, to the exterior. In addition, if damage to the exterior sealant joints occur, this system may provide temporary protection to the building’s interior until the damage can be identified and repaired. However, there is no guarantee that 100% of the moisture and condensation on the inside of the building will be captured and eliminated. This system has been developed, tested and installed on Architectural Precast Concrete, GFRC and Stone on Truss Frame panelized systems.

Architectural Precast Concrete
State Office Building

GFRC Condominium

Stone on Truss Frame
Commercial Office Building

F E A T U R E S:
Patented, Pre-engineered System (U.S. Patent No. 6,823,633 B2)
Precast, GFRC and Stone on Truss Applications
Plant or Field Applied
Flame Resistant
Complies with ASTM C1115 Requirements
High Quality, Reliable Dow Corning High Performance Silicone Sealants and Heat Cured Rubber Parts
Compatible with Exterior Silicone Sealants
Specifications, Standard Details and Installation Instructions Furnished

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GFRC Panel Joint Cut-Away
Precast Panel Joint Cut-Away